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Posted by Xyanp - 3 weeks ago

So I've been using it for a while now, but just the trial version. With FL trial version you could save projects but not reopen them, however, if instead you just completed the entire project without ever closing the program you could still export the project as an audio file. This is how I made all my other tracks, but obviously this is a cumbersome solution. Well today was the day where the windows update finally got me. Normally I leave a youtube video on loop while I go to sleep to stop windows from automatically updating thus restarting my laptop and deleting my project. Last night I didn't do that and I woke up to a restarted computer and the progress on my next track gone. Luckily I had saved the file but without actually owning FL I couldn't reopen it. In other news the track is going really well, I'm actually EQing stuff so expect something coming out soon, I think I'm gonna call it "Party Games". Cheers!

Posted by Xyanp - May 3rd, 2019

Haven't really commit to anything much in the past month. Might be due to me getting a job BUT that also means I can actually get FL studio soon, so that'll be real nice. I'm sorta working on another track atm, but idk if it'll ever see the light of night. What am I saying, nobody even follows my profile anyway. Cheers!

Posted by Xyanp - April 13th, 2019

Told you I would. I got some Hi-Fi sennheisers

Posted by Xyanp - April 1st, 2019











Yes I know, a long post, but I'm dying rn.


Posted by Xyanp - March 23rd, 2019

So I use these crappy headphones that I got at target for $5, which isn't great when it comes to determining if something sounds good. Idk that's all this news post really is, I'll hopefully be getting new better headphones soon. I listened to one of my tracks at school with school headphones (possibly even crappier than mine so maybe not a good comparison) and the kick was wayyy louder than it sounds for me and that surprised me so yeah just got me thinking that maybe the tracks I listen to could get a 10x awesomeness factor if I was hearing them correctly and maybe the tracks I made could see improvement if I invested in better headphones.

Posted by Xyanp - January 28th, 2019

I know I'm late to newgrounds, but I still think there's no better place to get into some kind of community. Newgrounds has remained a place where the average grounder seems to actually contribute some form of media onto the site, and I'd like to be in a community where I can talk to people who have similar interests as I do. Cya around grounders, btw working on a peice called MIDIeval (I'll see myself out), and also I'm using the trial version of fl 12 and 20 cuz who has $200 just lyin around. All it means is that I can't reopen saved flp files and hence cannot edit songs after the program is closed, if I'm unsatisfied with the way something turned out, I'll still prolly upload it idk. ok, cya around grounders, for real this time.